Welcome to the battle against the alien invaders!

Since the 1949 Roswell Incident, governments across the globe have been fighting an alien menace. They formed XCOM, an organization whose purpose is to protect all of humanity from the depredations of the alien menace.

In the decades since First Contact, aliens have been infiltrating our world for an unknown end. Since then, they are suspected to be behind many of the major disasters, natural or otherwise.

Recently, their abductions of civilians have escalated and are becoming far more common. XCom has been activated again to deal with this menace and XCom’s intelligence network is going to work to find the aliens and stop them.

Small teams of agents are roaming the globe, following leads and investigating strange phenomena. This is where you come in. Recruited by XCom, your job is to go out and find the aliens, destroy their influence, eliminate collaborators, feed intel to XCom and lead the strike teams onto the target.

You are Fortitudo in Umbra, Strength in the Shadows, the intelligence division of XCom.

XCom: Enemy Within

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